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Before we reveal some of the best Shopify themes, we must look at the design trends that will dominate in 2016. With saavy shoppers being on mobile devices more than ever, and with new features such as Buyable Pins and selling on Twitter, it is important to stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s a closer look at some of the hottest Shopify and eCommerce design trends that will dominate this year.

1. Upwardly Responsive

Responsive design is essential for any website, with more than 50% of shoppers being on mobile devices. Optimizing your website for large screen devices is also becoming essential, with an increasing trend towards browsing and shopping on high-res devices such as TVs. Currently, over 32% of users have devices with screen resolutions of 1920 pixels or higher, which tells you just how important selecting a fully responsive theme is.

In addition, your site must use images that are high-resolution enough to not become blurry or pixelated when viewed on large devices. Thankfully, Shopify has unlimited file storage.

Themes that display your images and products in a grid-like way are ideal since they do not have one image that would dominate the entire space. Shopify’s Mosaic and Grid themes are perfect examples.

2. Hamburger Menus

Hidden, or more popularly known as Hamburger Menus, became popular when mobile shopping began to dominate over desktop shopping. Since then, however, companies and websites have become to utilize them more and more for their advantages in being able to present a lot of navigational options without all of the clutter.

3. Subtle Movements & Hover Effects

Creative animation and hover effects, when correctly places, does wonders for customer experience and help to make your website more memorable. Animation can be a great way to engage and connect with your customers.


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